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Specialist automotive collision repairers since 1963. Repairing all makes and models of local and imported vehicles including prestige and commercial.

With 50 Years of trading under our belt, Johnny and the team at Kilburn Crash Repairs are making a solid commitment to environmentally sustainable motor vehicle repairs for the next 50 years.

This year, Kilburn Crash Repairs was the very first Australian collision repairer to implement the world class water based Sikkens Eco-Logical automotive paint system. Not to mention also achieving the highest level of compliance for the Green Stamp Plus environmental management system.

Part of the transition to Sikkens Eco-Logical included adopting Sikkens’ Autocryl Plus LV, the brand’s high-performance single-stage topcoat system. Sikkens Autocryl Plus LV is available in a range of 20 mixing colours and delivers highly impressive off-the-gun gloss and colour accuracy. Kilburn Crash Repairs is the first bodyshop in Australia to use the high-tech, low-VOC topcoat system.

"We are working together with our suppliers, vehicle insurers and our clients in order to minimise the environmental impacts of their vehicle repairs".


Collision repairs is traditionally an energy and resource intensive industry sector that has a huge carbon footprint. Conventional repair methods, old fashioned paint systems and outdated vehicle repair practices normally result in a huge carbon footprint. At Kilburn Crash Repairs we believe that by being more efficient and more environmentally friendly in our business practices, we can reduce the carbon footprint of our operations and your vehicle repairs.

Using this state of the art water based paint system, we are working towards eliminating the environmental impact of our paint shop. Traditional automotive paints use toxic chemicals like Lead and Chromate and require high energy use to dry and cure the products. Every vehicle repaired at Kilburn Crash Repairs results in lower energy use, less toxic chemical pollution and a smaller carbon footprint.

"While we are a small South Australian business and Global Warming is a world-wide issue, we believe we can all do our part to help the environment".

We know our clients are conscious of their environmental responsibilities, most people go out of their way to recycle at home and try to conserve energy where they can. At Kilburn Crash Repairs we are no different. Improving efficiency, reducing waste and cutting emissions is a high priority for us as a Metropolitan Adelaide repairer.

Director Johnny Zollo believes that; "We are no different to everyone else. We actually have a bigger responsibility and have to make more of an effort than everyone else. We try to recycle almost every damaged part or component that comes off a damaged car".

Johnny's commitment to sound business practices saw the business achieve Level 3 compliance in the Motor Traders Association Green Stamp Plus environmental management system.


A greener planet and expert collision repairs go hand in hand at Kilburn Crash Repairs.You can rest assured that your vehicle repairs are having a minimal impact on your planet.

With Kilburn Crash Repairs you can relax, you're in good hands.

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