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Kilburn Crash Repairs have adopted the Care Safe products to make sure our clients and staff are well protected in these times regarding COVID-19.

Care Safe is a subsidiary of Care Distributors, located in Adelaide, South Australia and are the proprietors of Australia’s first Disinfecting and Sanitisation Program.

Proudly the National Distributor for the Micro19 brand, Care Safe is committed to providing you and your customers with the highest grade hand sanitizing solutions on the market, you can find our more about their products here -

"The gold class accreditation has been a great achievement for us at Kilburn Crash Repairs. Our whole team have gotten behind us and proven their passion in I-CAR training," commented Mr. Johnny  Zollo of Kilburn Crash Repairs located in Kilburn, South Australia.

"The I-CAR training has become quite flexible with their virtual delivery. By having our staff undergo constant training it gives our customers a piece of mind knowing that the cars are being repaired by knowledgeable and skilled technicians in our work place who are not compromising their safety. Our I-CAR industry training partner AkzoNoble have also delivered high quality on site training which has been excellent and beneficial.We think all of our instructors for delivering such high standards in their courses."

What a year this has been hasn't it? It takes monumental events to make us stand back and remember what the most important things in life are and now more than ever before, how we treat each other is so important.

Here at Kilburn Crash Repairs we scale ourselves on not only on the happiness of our customers but also by the businesses that we partner with. It's so important to us that our partners share the same values and ethics toward quality and assurance that we do and that's why we are incredibly proud to tell our customers that we are an RAA Approved Repairer

The annual collision repair industry awards have been presented and we are proud to announce that Kilburn Crash Repairs has taken top honours in two prestigious categories.

The Suncorp / Australasian Paint & Panel Autobody repairer of the year awards are held annually with repairers nominated from around Australia for awards in a variety of categories. As the only awards of their kind in the industry, the competition for top honours it hotly contested.

Being recognised as "Best-in-Class" is recognition for the hard work Johnny and the team at KCR have put into their Churchill Road collision repair business. 

Read more about our 2014 Repairer of the year awards here.

A lot has been happening here in our family business over the past few months and since Christmas we have had some major improvements and technology upgrades.

At KCR we are continuously striving to build our technical capability, our service standards and our repair capacity. Repairing vehicles to the highest standards has been our goal for more than 50 years, that’s why we are proud to announce our latest achievements:

World Class chassis straightening machine:

At Kilburn Crash Repairs we believe that safety and quality should come first. That’s why we have invested in the very best chassis alignment machines. Our new Globaljig Evolution chassis machine is built to achieve precision and perfection. With world class equipment, we can provide you with a world class repair.

Read more about our new Globaljig here. 

Cutting-edge diagnostic computer:

Modern motor vehicles are all fitted with a range of on-board computer systems. After a collision, minor repairs or vehicle maintenance, it is crucial that these computers are checked to ensure they are functioning correctly. Our state-of-the-art diagnostic computer allows us to check and ensure crucial safety systems and vehicle control systems are operating correctly.

Read more about our diagnostic computer here.

Vehicle manufacturer approved repairs:

As vehicles become more sophisticated and technologically advanced, repairing them becomes more of a science. Vehicle manufacturers are using more advanced materials and constructions techniques to make their vehicles lighter, safer and more fuel efficient. Repairing them correctly is vital to maintaining the manufacturers’ safety and performance capabilities. At Kilburn Crash, we use vehicle manufacturer approved methods to repair your vehicles to pre-accident condition.

Read more about our OEM repair procedures here.

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

At Kilburn Crash Repairs we believe in safety and quality. This is why we strive for perfection in everything we do. As a part of our inspection, diagnostic and repair procedures we have now implemented a Non-Destructive Testing process. Our in-house processes allow us to test and certify vehicle components and weld integrity.

Read more our commitment to testing and technical excellence here

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