Environmental Commitment

Specialist automotive collision repairers since 1963. committed to the environment while repairing all makes and models of local and imported vehicles including prestige and commercial.

Crash Repairs And The Environment

at KCR we take our commitment to the environment seriously

The collision repair industry is a resource intensive sector that relies heavily on fossil fuels and large amounts of electricity to provide a vehicle repair capability. Collision repair equipment such as welders, air compressors, spray booths and hydraulic repair equipment use large amounts of energy to run.

With today's global market place, Australians own a range of vehicles manufactured all over the world. As a result spare parts for vehicle repairs often have to be shipped around the globe to allow us to repair the huge range of domestic and imported vehicles on our roads. International shipping of parts and materials combined with high energy use creates a huge carbon footprint  for our business.

This is why KCR have implemented an Environmental Management system. The Green Stamp Plus environmental management system allows us to Reduce, Re-use and Recycle, minimising waste and controlling our resource usage to control our carbon footprint.

At KCR we firmly believe in the principals of Reduce, Re-use & Recycle

The Green Stamp Plus system is externally audited by the MTA to ensure our business is operating to the best possible standards. The external auditing of the system means that an independent organisation is reviewing and auditing our processes to ensure we maintain strict compliance standards. KCR is very proud to have achieved Stage-3 compliance, which is the highest level possible under the system and is considered to be "business best practice" standards for the industry.

As a part of our Environmental Management System, KCR is committed to minimising waste and recycling wherever possible. We strive to segregate waste at the source to reduce the amount of recyclable or toxic material from entering general waste systems. Our active recycling program saves around 100 tonnes of steel, plastic, cardboard, metals, glass and chemicals from entering landfill every year.

At KCR we believe in protecting our environment for the generations to come. Our clients can rest assured that the environmental impact of their vehicle repairs is minimised or eliminated.

In 2014 KCR took out top honours at the Suncorp / Paint & Panel industry awards in the Environmental Sustainability category. Johnny and the team were awarded the prestigious Axalta Sustainability Award for 2014!


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