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I recently had my car repaired at Kilburn Crash Repairs (KCR 442 Churchill Road KILBURN SA 5084).

I really do compliment KCR for the most professional and Customer focused way they went about it. The body repair work was without question.

They also detailed the car, which was a bonus. But what truly set them apart was :

  • if they came across an impediment ... they sought a solution. For example and unrelated to the body work repairs, there was paint on the roof of the car. This they removed totally at their own cost. There are numerous examples like this .. they oiled underneath the tray, made sure the roof racks were sturdy etc etc.
  • secondly, their Customer focus and talking time out to make sure we (as Customers) were happy.

I totally recommend KCR.

Cheers ... Mark

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442 Churchill Road, Kilburn
SA 5084, Australia

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Phone: 08 8262 2629
Fax: 08 8262 2230

Email: admin@kilburncrash.com

Open Hours

Monday to Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday by appointment only