At Kilburn Crash, we believe in the process of continual improvement. Re-investing in our staff, our equipment, our products and our processes means that our clients can enjoy the benefits of using a state-of-the-art repairer and can rest assured they are having the highest quality repairs provided by one of Adelaide's oldest family collision repairers.

Here at KCR we have just partnered with Sikkens and have selected their new range of Low VOC water based paints. This state of the art paint system is less toxic than conventional solvent based products and is much less harmful to the environment. As well as helping to save the environment, our new paint system provides us with the worlds best colour matching products and reduces labour time in the paint shop.

When it comes to color accuracy, our new Sikkens ColorScala Pro sets the standard.  Sikkens ColorScala Pro is an extensive system which provides the highest color matching accuracy achievable.

Developing a environmentally friendly repair process is part of the Sikkens mission.  Sikkens has created new low VOC (Volitile Organic Compound) products that are free from lead and chromate and have a positive impact on energy usage.  The Sikkens Eco-efficient system of products enhance body shop efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint.of your vehicle repairs.

At KCR, providing you with a perfect paint finish that is also environmentally friendly has never been easier or faster.

With Kilburn Crash Repairs you can relax, you’re in good hands

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